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About Me

I am passionate about edgy, hip, photography, making everything from scratch, my etsy shop, urban homesteading, effortless world travel with perfectly dressed and behaved children, taking daily fashion pictures of myself, gourmet home cooking with only the finest, most expensive ingredients, yoga, organic and eco-conscious living, witty narcissism, long walks on the beach, etc., etc., etc.

Okay, perhaps I'm being a bit facetious.  Some of above is true...some exaggerated. Most of it is completely made up.  Because I am silly like that.

You should know that I am a homeschool graduate.  I had such an awesome experience with homeschooling that I felt I should at least "look into" doing it with my own children.  Here we are, 3 kids later, 3 years in to our own family homeschool journey.  It is a wonderful, bumpy ride that I am glad we are taking.

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About This Blog

Here you will find what we are doing (maybe), my thoughts on homeschooling (probably), and tidbits, links and articles relating to education and/or homeschool (most likely, as this takes the least amount of time away from my interaction with the kiddos). ;)

The cool thing about homeschooling is that it blurs the line between "home" and "school". As most moms know, motherhood and home life are filled with teaching moments. So family life will be woven into the posts on "what we are doing".

Also, when I do post about what we are doing here, you won't find pretty, edited or well-lit photos. Most likely they will be from my camera-phone, not cropped nor properly framed, poorly-lit, captured in haste, possibly have a garish flash, have odd items in the background.....or even better, show a messy house in the background. The writing will be brief, unedited, and decidedly unwitty. All this to convey to you, dear readers, that a FAMILY LIVES HERE. A family who takes up (and deserves) enough time right now, that I don't have much left for fancy blogging. You've been warned.  I hope you still find something of interest here.

(Guileless Mom)

P.S.  The pseudonym has no particular meaning other than I strive to embody that moniker in such a way that it could truly be said of me. Still, very much a work in progress.... ;)

NOTICE: As humor is often hard to convey through the internet, please be forewarned that the occasional "public school is lame" links and postings you will find here are not an introduction to a bash-fest. These are merely a way for my sarcasm to poke through in support of homeschooling. I'll try to keep it to a minimum, but if that is going to bug you, don't read. Most importantly, don't waste your breath with annoying comments.

THANK YOU. That is all.