Sunday, October 9, 2011

HUZZAH! A Feast and Knighting Ceremony.

Our opening night feast was a tremendous success.  I wish I had more time to write about it.  Here are pictures, instead.  :)

 (For more details on the activities of the evening, check out the link at the bottom of this post!)

What's this?!

A royal proclamation! (aka, invitation to the feast)

We must be properly clothed to attend a medieval feast.  We decided to go as a peasant family!  I lucked out--while having fabric cut at the store, the employee helping me turned out to be an expert in medieval fashion! She is active in a historical reenactment group and was actually teaching a medieval sewing class that weekend!! She sketched out an authentic medieval pattern for me--which also happened to save money on fabric (traditional patterns, versus the replicas I had found online, used much less fabric!)

Mommy and girls arrive at the pumpkin patch where our feast was held.  (Thanks to a wonderful family in our group, whose brother in law runs the farm.)


Our family with Sir Darren of Prescott and the the King and Queen.


Most of the knight was spent "HUZZAH-ing" which my children L.O.V.E.D.  
Our family had a blast and the evening truly captured the hearts of children, and even the dads, who attended.

For more pictures and fun videos, visit THIS site.

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