Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post

So much to say about this. One thought that comes to mind? These tests that determine your future are so in line with socialist thinking. "This is as good as you'll ever be. We can't all be the best, so stand over there and do what we tell you. Don't try to be anything more than that. Just enjoy what you have and contribute at your level. Which level, I will remind you, WE decide based on OUR ideals."

Hopefully I will get a chance to come back and update this post with my full thoughts!

In the meantime, check out this link:

Update, 4:40 p.m. Tuesday:
Original post:
This was written by Marion Brady, veteran teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and author.

By Marion Brady
A longtime friend on the school board of one of the largest school systems in America did something that few public servants are willing to do. He took versions of his state’s high-stakes standardized math and reading tests for 10th graders, and said he’d make his scores public.
By any reasonable measure, my friend is a success. His now-grown kids are well-educated. He has a big house in a good part of town. Paid-for condo in the Caribbean. Influential friends. Lots of frequent flyer miles. Enough time of his own to give serious attention to his school board responsibilities. The margins of his electoral wins and his good relationships with administrators and teachers testify to his openness to dialogue and willingness to listen. ....
...Here’s the clincher in what he wrote:
“If I’d been required to take those two tests when I was a 10th grader, my life would almost certainly have been very different. I’d have been told I wasn’t ‘college material,’ would probably have believed it, and looked for work appropriate for the level of ability that the test said I had.

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