Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whole Wheat Gnocci's?

Heidi and I wanted to make some homemade gnocci's for my sweet sister-in-law's birthday.  Just as we were delving into the process I realized I was out of flour (I rarely purchase flour as we use our wheat grinder for EVERYTHING)  We decided to just go for it and make some extra wholesome, "rustic" gnocci's.  They turned out just fine.  The flavor was definitely less potato-y.  I con in my opinion.  If we do it again, I will use a milder grain.  Probably a mix of hard and soft white wheat.

The recipe we use is from an old neighbor of ours.  A VERY Italian, Argentine lady who shared her precious gnocci and empanada recipes with me while we lived close by.  Time spent in her kitchen was always a treat!

Heidi has the rolling down, pat!  Look at those perfect little gnocci's!

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