Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday A Family Lives Here: Exhibit 14

Craft time.....

In a house where a family lives?

Making beautiful creations that bring joy to our surroundings.

Working together. Learning new skills.  Talking and laughing.

Admiring our work....

..then checking to see where the little ones disappeared quietly.

Oh, Hello.

Just doing a little study on Aboriginal face paints in here.

...with the giant tub of clay that was set aside for a school project in a presumably unreachable-by-children spot.


And while you clean that up, we'll be in the bathroom.  Doing what we do....

And while you clean that up we'll be in the bedroom....doing what we do.

SHEESH!  When will I learn that when the family makes a mess, it is FRUITLESS to try and clean it up by myself??! Because if the kiddo's aren't helping with the current mess....they are (happily and contentedly) making a new one.   My girls imagination cracks me up!! I love that they are NEVER bored.

Now you know why I don't apologize for fingerprints, smudges or dirty kitchen floors.  Those are merely signs of everyday living (as opposed to adventurous, imaginative days) in a home where a family lives!

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Anonymous said...

It is confirmed. You have the patience of Mother Teresa