Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye, Summer.

When summer winds down, I feel a bit anxious inside.  I'll miss the long, lazy days.  Warm nights and late sunsets.  Relaxed schedule and play time all day.  Sand in EVERYTHING (I only miss this when it's gone....) and waking up warm.    Though our autumns and winters are mild in Southern California, fall still takes on a cooler, more orderly pace.  

There is but one delight that will nudge my soul towards the crisp, structured days ahead.  That is the excitement of a new school year!

Stay tuned as I attempt to chronicle our adventure this year!  We follow the EPIC Adventure format for organizing our curriculum (THAT is a post for another day.), so I will do my best to post snapshots and tidbits that will illustrate how we are living our adventure this year.  It is such a fun way to learn and live!

Until next time,

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