Monday, September 19, 2011

Knight Training--First field trip of the year

Presented by Chivalry Today.  This was an AWESOME "being there" experience!

Photo-dump and videos beginning now:

Falconry demonstration.


Getting ready for jousting practice.  The kids are learning how to score.

Practicing long sword skills and learning about combat.  "PFLUG!"

Preparing to touch a sword blade, hold an authentic, medieval replica sword, then chop a melon with it!

Baby and chain mail.  LOL!

So much fun trying on all the armor!

At the end of his presentation, he asked if anyone had questions.  The kids were all done (this was our last rotation) and just started playing and talking.  Nojo, walks up and whispers, "Um. I have a question."  "Yes?"  "Can I touch your swords?", motioning to the table behind him covered in swords and armor.

Even Auntie got in on the fun!

Mommy is wearing a medieval helmet.....totally normal day of school.

Too heavy!!

The whole crew!

Being chivalrous, and helping put away the flags.

At the end of the day, I was told that H should, "Really look into participating in Western Martial Arts. She has some skill!"  YIKES!!!  ;)

After day of learning about knights and chivalry, we watched a true Deed of Arms, and the children were asked to judge as "nobles" just as in medieval times.  While "hits" (marked with combatants yelling "Good!") were easy to score, points for chivalry and skill were much harder and took real reasoning and thought based on what had been learned throughout the day.

To cap it all off, Chivalry Today performed the story of Bisclavret from King Arthur's tales.  It was well done and my girls possibly enjoyed that most of the whole day!!

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