Monday, September 12, 2011

Opening Day at Home--Swords of Honor: A Knight's Crusade for Right

Opening day at home is a relaxed-schedule day meant to inspire and excite the children for the upcoming school year whilst introducing them to the new theme.

This year, Maid Marion visited the children. She came singing the theme song for the year, and brought our new binders, Journals of Discovery, and foam swords for the children.
 Notice the bags under my Maid Marion's eyes?  She must've been up all hours of the night preparing for the first day of school!
 Some inspiring posters on the wall, as well as a timeline. (Before we received our awesome mind map poster for the year.)
 Portable pinboard, library book boxes, copy of girls school blessings written down...oh yah and some swords and a flail.  Normal school supplies.

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