Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday: A Family Lives Here - Exhibit 5

It's lunch time at our house.  Inspect the following picture and you will see:

Oldest daughter's slippers kicked off from breakfast. An empty playdough can.  A dust pan and broom under the table. Some drawing paper and a craft stick under the table. Scattered crumbs and traces of dried playdough.

Check out this side: Some wipes from the bathroom,  A bib that was ripped off during the last meal.  Lots of crumbs and dried up food bits.  Oh, and a phone charging cord. How safe.

On top of the table, you will find MORE evidence that a family lives here:
Another scrap of art. Leftover butternut squash from lunch(leftovers--use up every bite of food!). Water bottles (because otherwise the kiddos grab a new cup for EVERY glass of water they drink during the day! LOL) A mason jar for Mommy (because in a house full of kids, buying nice drinking cups is not a priority!) Discount bread from the clearance section of the grocery.  Basil from the patio garden.  Finger foods as a main course.

The kitchen.  I know I posted something similar, earlier. (A shot of the dining room floor.)  But it is just one of my favorite things.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually ENJOY preparing food for my little bunch.  At the beginning of my motherhood adventure, I remember thinking that cooking for a crew, with little ones under foot (aka LOUD, often crying or screeching, definitely pot banging and throwing things in the trash that shouldn't be there-little ones) sounded daunting if not torturous.  Three kiddos later, although it is often a struggle to make meals in said scenarios, it is so rewarding and the view from the kitchen, so undeniable pleasant, that I truly enjoy making meals for my family.  Even if the evidence might be misunderstood by those not living surrounded by a family, I am learning to love the evidence, and the memories they evoke.

My view from the kitchen:

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Bridey said...

Good for you, Amy! I am afraid that I would be too ashamed to post some of our "a family lives here" moments, although they are always cleaned up relatively promptly:)