Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday: A Family Lives Here: Exhibit 7

Tea Parties.  They happen at our house for any old reason.  At any old time.  A SURE sign of a family, right?  At least, a family full of girls.

My cute, sweethearts create them all on their own.  A written invitation is always issued.  The invitation for this party was on a heart shaped paper, stating  Tea Party. Lunch by H  Games by N (because what "party" would be complete without games??)  Heart shaped signs were on the door of the kitchen.

The attention to detail!  They made their own frilly toothpicks by coloring little cut up pieces of paper!

Heart decorations on the sliding door. 

Pinkies up!

Getting ready for "Pin the tiara on the princess" 


Queen Scarlett said...

Love you guys. We need to have a combined tea party!

Homeschool Pool said...

Fabulous! Our girls will love reading about your tea parties! We got here via Hip Homeschool Hop. Come visit us sometome at

Guileless Mom said...

Queen, yes!

Homeschool Pool, Welcome!