Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday: A Family Lives Here: Exhibit 8

Welcome to "The Relaxation Station"
(Yes, that is what they called it.  Came up with it one their own.)

What? You don't have a spa in the middle of your dining room?  These girls must have sensed Mommy's stress!  They secretly put this together then invited me with a "ticket" to the spa.  Ironically, this is the only "spa" I've ever been to! It was better than I could have imagined! Do you see those cuties??? Really, what could be better?
Notice the boombox in the picture?  A cd of ocean sounds was playing on it.  The towel under the table was where I got my massage/baby sit on your tummy and everyone has a giggle-fest!  That was followed by toenail painting.  Jealous, yet?

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