Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday: A Family Lives Here: Exhibit 13

Sharpie Markers....  Really.  Do they belong in ANY home with children?

Here are some pictures to prove that they DON'T!  Luckily, we all lived to tell the tale.

Culprit #1 alongside the piano bench.  I was originally convinced, via her accomplice, that she was the ONLY culprit.

Then I saw this:
Yeah...she's talented, but I'm pretty sure she didn't color her own back.

 Parts of the dining room table.  There were little scribbles like this all over it.

Many pages of this book fell victim.

The truly painful moment of truth....

 my beloved piano.  Each and EVERY key was lovingly "decorated".

What, Mom? You aren't excited about my artwork?!

Culprit #2 fesses up. 

The entry way. 

Not to mention the walls, door and fireplace.

Do you want to hear the happy ending to this story?  With a lot of patience and hard work, it almost all came off!  ALMOST all.  The flat paint on the wall needed to be painted over and there is a faint little mark or two left in the stone entry tiles.

Bet you wouldn't see THIS if a family didn't live here. ;D


La Yen said...

Holy cow, I need to eat those girls UP. Please move into my spare room. When I get a spare room.

Guileless Mom said...

Yen, what? You want a little interior decorating a la sharpie in your spare room?

Guileless Mom said...
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