Tuesday, May 8, 2012

3/14 Joan of Arc Opening Day

 A bit of delayed post.  ;)  We kicked off our Joan of Arc Component with a fabulous opening day.

Joan of Arc rode in on horseback carrying her banner!!!

The girls hearts were absolutely captured after this day!  They could not stop talking about Joan of Arc and wanted to learn ALL about her. 

After listening to Jeanne La Pucelle tell us all about her life (she spoke for over half an hour without any notes! Impressive!!) we split up for rotations.  The first rotation was cooking a soldiers meal over a fire.  It was fun, but HOT and I didn't get any pictures...for obvious reasons (I had my 2 year old with me ;)

  The next station we learned about "noble steeds" and horse care.  

H brushing the miniature horse, "Skittles".

N feeding Skittles.

Our last rotation was painting our own banners with fleur de lis. 

 What a great day!


La Yen said...

SO cool! I am glad the girls got to meet Jonah Fark. They were VERY excited the day before!

Guileless Mom said...

LOL! Yes, indeed. What a week!