Saturday, November 5, 2011

Children's Museum: Medieval Castle Exhibit

After the pumpkin launch, we headed over to a nearby children's museum. This was a GREAT hands on exhibit! We had fun visiting with aunties and cousins.  It also happened to be the monthly free day.  Woohoo!

All of the stations had informational plaques explaining more about that place in the castle and who are what might have been there, etc.

Areas and plaques included:

medieval medicines
bees & honey
butcher shop
queens room
medieval music
castle food
medieval garden
castle games:queek!
the lord of the castle
heraldry-coat of arms
hierarchy-hierarchy game

The big girls had so much fun exploring on their own, most of my pictures are of the little one.  Who REALLY enjoyed herself!  :)

 A book that was full of samples and information on illuminated manuscripts.

Bees and honey!

B's favorite place was the black smith! She spend almost her whole time here, playing with the pretend bellows and hammering a horseshoe...though she didn't care much for the gloves!

 Picking herbs and flowers from the castle garden. 

B creates her coat of arms.

H's favorite, archery!

H playing the hierarchy game (putting the members of feudal society in order). 

There's a baby in the castle well!!

B, lounging in the queen's room.

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